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1800 Car Wreck Applauds Committee Appointments of State Rep. Nicole Collier

The Eberstein & Witherite firm recognizes the appointment of one of its attorneys, State Representative Nicole Collier, to two House committees.

1800 Car Wreck Applauds Committee Appointments of State Rep. Nicole Collier

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Dallas, TX – Texas State Representative Nicole Collier, who is also an attorney with the law firm of Eberstein & Witherite, was recently appointed to two committees to examine judicial system fairness and procedures. The appointments were announced by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus in April. Collier will serve on the Joint Interim Committee on Judicial Selection and the Supreme Court Advisory Committee (SCAC).

The judicial selection committee was established by House Bill 2772, for examining the process of selecting and electing judicial figures. As an ex-officio member of the SCAC, Rep. Collier will along with other Texas attorneys and judges also aid in developing and evaluating procedures for courts throughout the state.

Rep. Collier has stated of her new roles, “It is an honor to be selected to serve on these committees… As a practicing attorney for the past twelve years, I can attest to the importance of a prudent and efficient judicial system. The process of how judges are selected deserves to be examined to ensure that we are using the most effective methods to foster an equitable and impartial judicial framework.”

Judicial and Community Leadership

The Dallas injury attorneys of the 1800 CAR WRECK team applaud the recent committee selections and say they look forward to continuing working with Rep. Collier in not only making strides to support a fair and balanced judicial system, but also on community outreach projects.

The Texas State Representative recently attended the Defense and Veterans' Affairs council and mental health summit to aid in overseeing the implementation of a program for veterans who suffer from PTSD. She also spoke at a recent Community Town Hall meeting regarding economic development opportunities in underserved areas of Fort Worth and the upcoming “50 Jobs Earning $50K” initiative. Rep. Collier is next set to participate in the Fort Worth HOPE benefit for families in need on June 3.

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