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Automaker Defect Linked to 13 Deaths, Families Still Searching for Answers

Family members of individuals who died in accidents linked to a General Motors manufacturing defect continue to wait for results from a new investigation.

Automaker Defect Linked to 13 Deaths, Families Still Searching for Answers

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Houston, TX – General Motors has linked 13 deaths to accidents caused by a manufacturing defect in several of their vehicles. An investigation into the actions of GM was enacted by the Justice Department in March after federal regulators claimed to have received numerous complaints over the last decade about the vehicles suddenly shutting off while drivers were operating them. A recent New York Times article discussed current challenges some family members of the deceased continue to face with regards to the leading automaker’s handling of their cases. The Houston accident injury attorneys of 1800 CAR WRECK have continued to follow the story, and are now seeking to help raise awareness about the legal options for families of victims in these types of cases.

Unexpected Legal Ramifications for General Motors

As noted in the New York Times article, many survivors of the deceased victims for years believed that their relatives’ accidents were caused by factors other than GM’s defect. Some say this has led to additional grief facilitated by their for so long placing blame for an accident on the actions of their loved ones. Many are now awaiting the results of the Justice Department’s probe to assess the actions of General Motors, and determine whether the automaker could have taken steps to prevent the injuries and deaths from occurring.

Say the Houston accident injury lawyers of 1800 CAR WRECK, “In the case of General Motors, after failing to address ongoing complaints, some of which reported moving vehicles shutting down suddenly at high speeds, early on, the company is now forced to deal with unexpected legal ramifications that may soon include injury lawsuits.”

The firm’s 1800 CAR WRECK help line is available for anyone who has been affected by the ignition switch defect in recalled GM vehicles, and has questions about their legal options.

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