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African Americans Who Made Breakthroughs in Transportation

1800 CAR WRECK Houston attorneys recognize the achievements of African Americans who have made breakthroughs in transportation.

African Americans Who Made Breakthroughs in Transportationhttp://www.famous-black-inventors.net/charles-brooks.html
African Americans Who Made Breakthroughs in Transportation

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In celebration of Black History Month, much is being said about the strides made by African Americans in progressing the nation into what it has become. Says the 1800 CAR WRECK Houston team, in discussing these achievements, it is also important to note the instrumental role many African Americans have had in the development of transportation and infrastructure whether through invention, leadership, or design. Below, the team has highlighted some of these contributions, which have had a major impact on the sophisticated transportation systems we heavily rely on today.

Charles Brooks

“If you have ever used public transport or walked on a street, then you need to acknowledge the contribution of Charles Brooks…His most famous patent came for his improvement to the street sweeper carts, which have remained relatively unchanged to this day.”

For more information about Charles Brooks, please visit http://www.famous-black-inventors.net/charles-brooks.html.

Garrett Morgan

“The first American-made automobiles were introduced to consumers just before the turn of the 20th century, and pedestrians, bicycles, animal-drawn wagons and motor vehicles all had to share the same roads. To deal with the growing problem of traffic accidents, a number of versions of traffic signaling devices began to be developed, starting around 1913.”

Morgan had witnessed a serious accident at an intersection, and he invented a traffic control device and applied for a patent on it in 1922.[7] His invention was a hand-cranked mechanical sign system using signs that could be switched relatively easily by a traffic control officer.”

For more information about Garret Morgan, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garrett_Morgan.

Frederick McKinley Jones

Frederick McKinley Jones (May 17, 1893 – February 21, 1961) was an African American inventor, entrepreneur, winner of the National Medal of Technology, and inductee of the National Inventors Hall of Fame.[1] His innovations in refrigeration brought great improvement to the long-haul transportation of perishable goods.[2]

For more information about Frederick McKinley Jones, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_McKinley_Jones.

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