1-800 Car Wreck : Causes of 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

Causes of 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

18-wheeler truck accidents can be caused by a number of factors. In addition to driver error, other circumstances may be present that prove to worsen the impact of damage of an accident involving these large-scale vehicles, and lead to severe injuries for those involved.

Reported causes of 18-wheeler truck accidents may range from negligence on behalf of a driver to gross negligence on the part of trucking companies. Trucking companies are required to adhere to specific guidelines in allowing drivers to provide services on their behalf. They are also required to maintain the safety of vehicles used for transport. If they fail to abide by safety regulations, they could be faced with serious consequences including being financially responsible for compensating injured accident victims for damages incurred as a result of their negligence or wrongful actions.

Unfortunately, too many Houston truck accidents are linked to preventable negligent actions such as driving for extended hours without sufficient breaks, operating improperly maintained vehicles, inadequate driver experience, driver distraction, drunk driving, and other related causes. When an 18-wheeler accident occurs, the lives of victims and their loved ones can be turned upside down in an instant. Seeking effective legal support can aid injured accident victims in ensuring that those responsible for what they have endured are held liable under the law, and provide them with just compensation.

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