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Facts About SUV Accidents

SUV accidents are often very serious in nature. Hundreds of Houston SUV accidents occur annually that leave individuals with serious injuries and damages that often take them a long time to recover from. A significant percentage of these accidents involve vehicle rollovers, which are linked to a high rate of car accident deaths and permanent injuries.

SUVs or sport utility vehicles have increasingly become a popular choice of vehicle for families. The following are a few items of consideration for operators of SUVs that may aid in increasing one's understanding of common contributors of SUV accidents and possible preventative measures that can be taken for reducing one's risk of becoming involved in this type of accident on the road.

  • A significant number of SUV accidents are caused by excessive speed.
  • SUVs are deemed top heavy, or have a high center of gravity, which increases the risk of rollover in the event that a driver makes an attempt to correct a driving maneuver.
  • The even distribution of weight inside of an SUV may aid in decreasing the chances of rollover due to the impact excessive weight can have on these vehicles.

In addition to these items, drivers should be cautious of road hazards and external forces that could pose a threat to their safety on the road when operating an SUV.

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