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Who is Liable for My Houston Truck Accident Injury Claim?

The Houston accident injury lawyers of 1800-Car-Wreck Houston discuss liability in truck accident injury claims.

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Who is Liable for My Houston Truck Accident Injury Claim?

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Determining liability for a Houston truck accident injury claim can be a complicated matter for individuals to tackle alone. In today’s business environment, commercial truck companies often have multiple parties with vested interests in the operations of an 18-wheeler, and who may be responsible for accident injuries depending on what operation was being carried out when an accident occurred. In some cases, multiple parties at a time may share responsibility for an accident depending on the circumstances involved.

The following list examples of who may liable for one’s injuries or damages sustained from a Houston 18-wheeler accident:

Truck driver – The truck driver may be responsible in the event that his/her actions can be directly attributed to an accident. Speeding, failing to obey traffic laws, driving under the influence, and driving while fatigued are examples of negligent acts that may make a truck driver liable for an accident.

Truck owner/trucking company – The owner of a commercial truck if other than the driver may be deemed responsible if they fail to properly maintain their vehicle prior to allowing it out on the road.

Equipment manufacturer – Manufacturing defects can lead to serious accidents, and the responsibility in these cases may lie with equipment or vehicle manufacturers.
Federal and state agencies – Government agencies may bear some liability for an accident if road hazards caused by improper design or maintenance, or other issues for which they are responsible play a role.

Loading companies – Loading companies may be responsible if their actions in overloading or improperly loading a vehicle play a role in an accident occurring.

The Houston truck accident lawyers of 1800-Car-Wreck Houston can provide support for injured truck accident victims with questions regarding their rights to compensation under the law. Individuals who have been involved in a truck accident, or experienced the loss of a loved one due to this type of accident, may contact the firm today for answers to questions regarding who may be liable for their claim.

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